Kasher, Moshe

Kasher in the Rye

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ISBN: 9780450000000
FORMAT: Hardcover
PAGES: 320
CATEGORY: Other Performing Arts
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Publisher Comments
Rising young comedian Moshe Kasher is lucky to be alive. He started using drugs when he was just 12. At that point, he had already been in psychoanlysis for 8 years. By the time he was 15, he had been in and out of several mental institutions, drifting from therapy to rehab to arrest to... you get the picture. But Kasher in the Rye is not an eye opener to the horrors of addiction. It's a hilarious memoir about the absurdity of it all.

When he was a young boy, Kasher's mother took him on a vacation to the West Coast. Well it was more like an abduction. Only not officially. She stole them away from their father and they moved to Oakland, California. That's where the real fun begins, in the war zone of Oakland Public Schools. He was more than just out of control -- his mother walked him around on a leash, which he chewed through and ran away.

Those early years read like part Augusten Burroughs, part David Sedaris, with a touch of Jim Carrol... but a lot more Jewish. In fact, Kasher later spends time in a Brooklyn Hasidic community. Then came addicition....

Brutally honest and laugh-out-loud funny, Kasher's first literary endeavor finds humor in even the most horrifying situations.

About the Author
Moshe Kasher is a stand-up comedian. He lives alone in Los Angeles. In 2009 he was named Comic of the Year by Itunes. He has been featured on Comedy Central's John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Lately, and has performed at many international comedy festivals including the prestigious "Just For Laughs" festival in Montreal, "South By Southwest" and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.